The word Gradum is derived from Latin, and translated to English means "next level". Here at Gradum we strive and are in existence solely to help baseball/softball players improve their hitting abilities to compete at that next level. Our hitting coaches are dedicated to our players' success. Athletes need to develop the proper swing skills required to play at a more competitive level, so they may be able to secure an athletic scholarship or continue their professional career. Our hitting coaches encompass a system of teaching/training the correct launch angles, swing planes, and exit velocity development

Because of time and resource constraints, the public/private school systems are unable to focus or enhance player skills and tools. That is why most players fall through the cracks, unless they are genetically gifted with athletic abilities. The old adages were, "You were born to hit,"; nothing could be further from the truth. Just like student-athletes are not born with great SAT/ACT scores - they are developed, modern science has proven that hitting abilities can be developed as well. Just as students have to go beyond the classroom to seek further preparation and assistance for college/graduate entrance exams, players must go beyond school their school for further development of hitting and athletic skill set abilities.

We have seen too many average and above average players who were capable of playing at a more competitive level (varsity, college, MiLB and MLB) fall short because they did not know that their offensive skill set could be developed and improved. They relied solely on what was available to them at their program/team; that proved to be in most cases, not enough.


Gradum, with great confidence, can say that we can help players develop their hitting and power skills through our training programs and ultimately reach their potential. We have had players attain success at the H.S. College, MiLB and MLB level.


Gradum Baseball (re-branded from Power Pyramid Training) was started in a garage in 2009 with the intent to provide strength training for high school baseball players in Miami-Dade and Broward County.

Since its humble beginning, Gradum has trained hundreds of athletes in hitting, throwing velocity, strength and speed.  It gives us great pleasure to know that we have been able to help so many of our athletes realize their goal of playing college and professional baseball.

We have made a name for ourselves by producing results at a reasonable cost; going above and beyond what any other performance training facility provides. Our facility was started with one mission in mind, to improve the baseball/softball performance of every high school, college, and pro player.


"We would like to thank you for playing such an important role in Alex's commitment to Northwestern University to play baseball. You were instrumental in preparing him to play at a Division I level. Your commitment to excellence and passion for what you do are evident through the programs you provide to your athletes. Through hard work and tenacity Alex became bigger, faster, stronger and also sharpened his baseball skills (his swing improved tremendously). Alex really enjoyed working out with you and he greatly admires your work ethic. we would highly recommend Power Pyramid (now Gradum) to anyone that is interested in playing baseball at the next level.

Thanks again for your guidance and diligent attention to all the details (academic and athletic) that were required in order to bring Alex's goal to fruition."

With sincere gratitude,

JC & Judy Erro

Alex Erro

Northwestern University