We provide professional swing/hitting instruction and consultation that will introduce baseball/softball players to the "G-Swing"principles. You will learn to maximize your lower half and your hands to drive the baseball. Your swing and training session will be videotaped and analyzed to the best hitters in the world today, so the player can make the adjustments in real time, thereby reducing the learning curve.

In order to compete in today's amateur and professional baseball arenas and have the competitive edge, the modern day hitter must be trained in a holistic foundation with 3 critical components: MECHANICS, METRICS and EXERCISE SCIENCE.  These three components are inseparable and have equal importance.


Hitters should have 3 goals when they step to the plate:


1) Arrive at contact on time


2) Make accurate contact with correct Launch Angles


3) Accelerate the body/bat as fast as possible while under control for an increase in Exit-Batted-Ball Velocity


Gradum believes that you must know where you are in order to start monitoring improvements. We use measurements that help players determine exactly where they are now.