"We would like to thank you for playing such an important role in Alex's commitment to Northwestern University to play baseball. You were instrumental in preparing him to play at a Division I level. Your commitment to excellence and passion for what you do are evident through the programs you provide to your athletes. Through hard work and tenacity Alex became bigger, faster, stronger and also sharpened his baseball skills (his swing improved tremendously). Alex really enjoyed working out with you and he greatly admires your work ethic. we would highly recommend Power Pyramid (now Gradum) to anyone that is interested in playing baseball at the next level.

Thanks again for your guidance and diligent attention to all the details (academic and athletic) that were required in order to bring Alex's goal to fruition."

With sincere gratitude,

JC & Judy Erro

Alex Erro

Northwestern University

“My son Brian Hernandez, now a senior catcher/outfielder at Braddock started training with Power Pyramid Training (now Gradum) after his sophomore year. He was 5‘7”, 150 lbs., and ran a 7.6 in the 60. Brian began his training and within two months I could already see the change; he added 20 lbs. of muscle and was hitting the ball much harder.


He finished the season as the team’s most improved player, as well as one of the team’s top performers. Brian is now 5’10”, 187 lbs., and runs a 6.9 in the 60. 


None of this would have been possible if it had not been for the dedication of Coach Lorenzo Garmendia of Power Pyramid Training (now Gradum).”

- Mr. M. Hernandez

Brian Hernandez

Emory University



"It is with great pleasure that I give this testimonial concerning my son, Willy Fabra and his achievement which are attributable to Power Pyramid Training (now Gradum).  Although my son always loved the game of  baseball, he was not the player that he is today.  He was overweight, slow, and sitting on the bench.  In his sophomore year,  I learned and decided to take my son to Power Pyramid Training (now Gradum).  My son has brought into Lorenzo’s training method.   In this last year he has achieved great heights in his young baseball career: from having write ups in a Perfect Game and Under Armour showcases, to being selected in honorable mention in 2012 in the Miami Herald and recognized as one of the top returning players in Miami-Dade County for 2013.  He was selected  to the Bo Jackson National Baseball team to participate in the 2012 World Wood bat tournament and he has recently committed to play D1 baseball at Manhattan College. Two years ago I would never have thought that these accomplishments were attainable.  We owe his accomplishments to Lorenzo Garmendia and  Power Pyramid Training (now Gradum).   Lorenzo has instilled discipline and a tremendous work ethic.  My son has gotten bigger, stronger and faster, and as a result his baseball abilities has been noticed on the diamond, both as a hitter and pitcher.  Psychologically, Power Pyramid Training (now Gradum) has also instilled in my son a keen sense of confidence and determination to achieve his goals which will carry into his college baseball career.  Power Pyramid Training (now Gradum) is the best investment that I have made for my son. I highly recommend PPT to all parents who want their child to go to the next level.  There may be others out there, but they do not even come close to PPT.  Believe me, I see proof of his work everyday.   Thank you Lorenzo and to his great family.  Keep up the great work !"


- Mr. W. Fabra

William Fabra



"To say that Lorenzo and Power Pyramid (now Gradum) have a made a difference for my son is a huge understatement.

My son is junior that had no speed and significantly underweight. We had tried numerous trainers with no success. He was hitting the gym three days a week for an hour and simply not seeing the results.

Once he started working at Power Pyramid (now Gradum) with Lorenzo his workouts went to another level. In a year and half he has put on 35 pounds of muscle and has improved in the 60 yard dash by more than a full second.

The focus and attention provided is by far the best anywhere."

- Mr. A. Mason



“My son started working out at Power Pyramid Training (now Gradum) and one month later he gained eleven pounds of muscle. This is a very positive working atmosphere, with high intensity workouts. Lorenzo works with your child supervising and keeping records to see improvement. I highly recommend this program as a parent who wants my child to excel in every aspect of their game.”


- Mr. Alberto Reyes

Danny Reyes

Florida Gators



"It is my honor to be able to provide this testimonial about my son, Joseph Alec Acosta. He has been playing baseball from the age of 5 and has always made his dreams of becoming the best baseball player reality with his perseverance and competitive nature within his level of play. We decided that additional physical and pyscological training was needed to assist him in getting to the next level. We owe this advancement and accomplishment to Lorenzo Garmendia and Power Pyramid Training (now Gradum). Lorenzo's guidance for Alec was to strengthen his physical and mental abilities providing confidence, allowing him to solidify his college career.

In addition, Power Pyramid (now Gradum) assistance provided to Alec and us during the process of chosing, negotiating and closing the deal was oustanding allowing my son to attend a D1 and top college in the nation making his dream reality.


We thank you and your staff for your outstanding work. Keep up the good work"


- Mr. J. Acosta

Alec Acosta

Davidson College





My son Robert Cancio had the pleasure of meeting with Lorenzo Garmendia. Robert began in February training at Power Pyramid in Miami. He started at 6'1" 160 pounds,and with hard work the result was 200 pounds and 6'2" in two months. Power Pyramid (now Gradum) came into our lives at a time when Robert was finishing high school and he had no college to go to play or study at. Then on May 13, 2013 Robert signed to Broward College as a pitcher. Robert is topping out at 91mph and consistently at 88 to 89mph. Power Pyramid (now Gradum) came into our lives like an angel to help our son succeed in his future to come. We say thank you very much Power Pyramid (now Gradum), that in a short time with hard work and dedication my son is having a great amount of success. Thanks again and good things in life.


We will always be eternally grateful.

The Cancio Family


-Mr. Robert Cancio

Robert Cancio

Broward College

Arizona Diamondbacks 31st Round